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Name: Bence Lim Boon Shin
Age: 26
Place Of Birth: Selangor
PSN Id: Kickers_Shige

Manchester United Fan


-World Cup Central Tournament WINNING ELEVEN 2000 (Champion)

-Games Monster WINNING ELEVEN 2008 1st Series (Champion)
-Games Monster WINNING ELEVEN 2008 3rd Series (Champion)
-Games Monster WINNING ELEVEN 2008 Grand Final (Champion)

-Rakan Muda E-GIG WINNING ELEVEN 2009 (Champion)

-Digital Mall PES2012 Tournament (Champion)
-Heroes Challenge Cup PES2012 Tournament November (Champion)
-Heroes Challenge Cup PES2012 Tournament December (1st Runner Up)
-Rakan Muda WINNING ELEVEN 2012 (Champion)

-TGC Sabah Gaming Carnival PES2013 (2nd Runner Up)

-Sony Singapore FIFA14 Tournament (Champion)
-EH-EH Busfest FIFA14 Tpurnament (Champion)
-Ecoscope FIFA14 Tournament (2nd Runner Up)
-DBKL World Cup FIFA14 Tournament (1st Runner Up)

-Digital Mall FIFA15 Tournament (1st Runner Up)
-Grand Strand Bazaar FIFA15 Tournament (Champion)
-DBKL KUL Games FIFA15 Tournament (Champion)
-Singapore CPL FIFA15 Tournament (2nd Runner Up)
-Geek Empire FIFA15 EPL Edition Tournameny (1st Runner Up)
-MDEC FIFA15 Game Challenge (1st Runner Up)
-Melaka The Lobby FIFA15 Tournament (Champion)
-Asashi FIFA16 Wangsa Walk (1st Runner Up)
-Gamesbond FIFA16 Tournament (2nd Runner Up)

-Klang  FIFA16 Tournament (Champion)
-Geek Empire FIFA16 (Champion)
-FazVapor FIFA16 Tournament (Champion)
-Gamesbond FIFA16 2nd Series Tournament (2nd Runner Up)
- AGES2016  Malaysia Open (Champion)
- AGES2016  ASEAN Grand Final (1st Runner Up)
- Gamesbond FIFA 16 MHX Cup (2nd Runner Up)
- Hari Belia FIFA16 Tournament (2nd Runner Up)
- Campsite Penang FIFA16 Tournament (Champion)
- Gamesbond 2v2 First Edition FIFA16 (Champion)
- Asashi Gaming Expo FIFA16 (Champion)
- Selangor Cyber Games FIFA16 (1st Runner Up)

FIFA17 Results:

1) IYC Hari Sukan Fifa17 By Planwritemockers (Champion)
2) eGG Virtual Footballer Community Cup By Gamesbond (Top 64)
3) Jurong Point GamiFest: FIFA 17 Singapore (Champion)
4) UTP ConvoFest Fifa17 Tournament (3rd Runner Up)
5) E-Games League By Ricco 1st Edition (Champion)
6) Fifa17 Tournament By Kitamen BP (2nd Runner Up)
7) MMU eGames Fiesta (Top8)
8) E-Games League By Ricco 2nd Edition (1st Runner Up)
9) Mara Digital Fifa17 Tournament (5th